Our products and services

Risk management tools

Helping you understand and minimise risks.

Our suite of powerful tools helps us to work closely with you and share valuable risk insights.

❯ Risk Assessment Methodology

Review your management systems for gaps and areas of improvement using Zurich Hazard Analysis. 

❯ Risk Features

Insight into main risk factors assessed by our risk engineers. 

❯ Virtual Risk Manager - Fleet

An online driver safety management system which helps companies manage their occupational road risk and promote a crash-free culture.

❯ My Zurich

A secure, online global risk management centre that helps you control your insurance and risk engineering programs.

❯ Zurich Multinational Application.

A constantly updated view of regulatory and tax requirements across the world to give you more certainty and peace of mind.

❯ Zurich Risk Advisor

An award winning interactive dashboard that shows complex risk in a way that is easy to understand.

❯ Zurich Risk Room

A powerful and intuitive global risk assessment tool that enables you to analyze and compare risks.

❯  Zurich Onsite

Zurich Onsite is an innovative tool that Zurich risk engineers use to carry out risk assessments when they are at your location.

❯ Virtual Literature Rack

An online electronic library of product brochures, fact sheets, risk insights, white papers and article reprints available for customers and prospective customers, brokers and others.

❯ Zurich Benchmarking

Zurich Benchmarking helps give you a deeper understanding of risk across all of your locations, and highlights priority areas for improvement. It is a key element of our support at the risk insight stage.

Through Zurich Benchmarking our Risk Engineers will give a risk quality grading for each location. We base these risk gradings on the exposure and/or controls that exist for a wide range of risk factors, which we also weigh according to their relative importance. Using these risk quality gradings we can:

  • compare business units and locations
  • understand how a customer's business measures up against other businesses in their industry and geographic regions.

How to apply

We sell Zurich Insurance through independent insurance brokers so you can be sure it's the right cover for your needs.

You can find a broker with the free IBANZ service.