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If your business has more than $10 million in annual revenue, Zurich has liability insurance to protect you from the unexpected.

Zurich Liability Insurance

Zurich can insurance solutions tailored for our customers.

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Zurich Insurance is available through independent insurance brokers who can assist you to obtain the right cover for your needs.

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Combined General Liability insurance

Operating a business usually means interacting with many people. While you may do your best to avoid causing injury or damage to a third party, there will always be risks present – from customers and suppliers entering your premises or to work performed by you offsite. These risks range from the products you sell to the way you advertise your products and services. 

Zurich's Combined General Liability Insurance is designed to protect businesses against the significant costs associated with claims for property damage or third-party injury. It covers:

  • Third party personal injury
  • Third party property damage
  • Advertising liability

Other Liability products

Excess Liability insurance

This policy provides cover for loss in excess of and after all underlying liability insurance has been exhausted, providing additional liability insurance cover.

Umbrella Liability insurance

An Umbrella Liability policy provides additional cover above limits your business already has from other relevant liability policies.

Statutory Liability insurance

A breach in law can result in investigation or prosecution by a regulatory body, as well as a subsequent fine or penalty. Even with the best internal policies, there's an ongoing risk of unintentional breach from the actions of the company itself or its directors, officers and employees. Some of the most common breaches relate to workplace safety, employment and the environment. This policy complements our Directors and Officers insurance.

Employers Liability insurance

Whilst New Zealand's accident compensation scheme, the Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) provides cover for most accidents at work, employees can still sue for work-related illnesses that the ACC does not cover, including:

  • Mental injury or stress not accompanied by any physical injury
  • Nervous shock or fright not accompanied by any physical injury (this may result in serious illness, such as heart attack or stroke)
  • Disease brought on over time (eg exposure to the elements or extremes of temperature).

Zurich's Employers Liability Insurance policy covers damages and legal costs for employees who have suffered injury or disease arising from, and in the course of, their employment.


Zurich Resilience Solutions

Across a wide range of industries, Zurich Resilience Solutions draws from the best risk engineers and consultants in the business to tailor a package of services to help your business best manage your risks.

As an established player with vast experience and expertise, our Risk Engineering team can assess liability risks and provide data, tools and insights in light of developing regulation, litigation and emerging risks.


Our in-house team of experts have industry, business and specific risk specialisations. We work with our underwriting and claims teams to understand the challenges and issues of your business and work together on effective solutions. We work with customers to identify and assess risk and discuss opportunities to implement additional controls to reduce identified exposures. 


Taking a data-led approach, we conduct risk assessments and provide risk insights, globally consistent peer benchmarking and claims analysis, which means our recommended actions are specific to your broker’s needs.


We offer several training services catering for a range of organisational needs.

Zurich also issues…

Financial Lines

In a complex world of financial regulations, liability risks abound and are ill-defined. 


Zurich insures businesses all around the country against loss or damage to their buildings, equipment and stock.