Zurich Risk Advisor

Using our Risk Engineering methodologies, you can implement a risk management strategy that works to minimise incidents in the workplace

Carry out self-risk assessments in real time

If you’re after a quick risk assessment, the Zurich Risk Advisor app is a valuable digital tool that empowers businesses to identify, understand and improve the risks in their workplace.

Zurich Risk Advisor makes it easy for businesses to conduct self-risk assessments without assistance, simply by answering a series of questions about the various risks present in their organisation.

Self-risk assessment reports are available for:

Property (Fire)

Cyber Security

Workers’ Injury Risks

Motor Fleet


Most assessments have full and light versions. A full assessment can take 15-20 minutes and provides a more detailed assessment and report with risk improvement actions. A light assessment can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes.

Our Risk Snapshots are quick and easy assessments to identify risks to your business and suggest risk improvement ideas. Completed Reports can be used to help a business improve their risk profile over time.

Working from home




Cyber Security


Mental Health

Injury and Ill Health

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The benefits of Zurich Risk Advisor

See a complete picture of your fire risk across all your locations

Perform fact-based Hazard Analysis to devise the right risk improvement plan

Collect all of your risk assessment data in one place

See a complete picture of employers liability wherever in the world you need it

Make better-informed decision around budget spend for risk improvement actions

A free tool that supports delivery of your risk management strategy

Discover how an award-winning app became a game-changer during the Covid crisis

Awards and accolades

  • 2020 – Winner – Business Insurance Innovation Award
  • 2016 – Swiss Insurance Innovation Award
  • 2016 – CIR Risk Management Award, United Kingdom
  • 2014 – Innovation Award, Business Insurance Magazine in North America
  • 2013 – Shortlisted for the Risk Management Solution of the Year award, The Institute of Risk Management