Careers at Zurich

Our people are the heart of Zurich and together we are committed to delivering on our purpose to create a brighter future together

A brighter future where our voices are diverse, our behaviors are inclusive, our actions drive equity, and our people feel a sense of belonging.

Find a career you'll truly love

With operations in 215 countries and territories, Zurich provides worldwide opportunities for you to grow a career with us. If you have international ambitions, we’ll support you when global opportunities arise. Our search allows you to use filters to look for jobs in more than one job field/business area, or location.

Let's grow together – Learning and development

There are many reasons why Zurich is the right choice for you. But perhaps the most important is the opportunity you will have to grow and thrive in your career. Working with global, diverse and inclusive teams, you'll have the chance to develop valuable skills, explore your passions and make a positive impact beyond your role.

We offer both formal and informal programs which are customised to your individual needs to help you to reach your career goals. Our new interactive learning hub, My Development is available to support your ongoing professional development while working at Zurich. It hosts new learning activities and specialist technical academies covering a wide range of topics to help you learn skills relevant for your job today and into the future. We also have a range of formal training, self-paced training, mentoring, and on-the-job development to support your professional development.

Zurich also has an annual performance and development cycle, which includes four formal manager and employee conversations per year to guide your development and help you achieve your career aspirations. 

Study assistance

We encourage you to pursue further education relevant to your responsibilities – it’s all part of supporting you in your professional development. We’ll give you days off to attend exams or other assessments and financial assistance for formal qualifications if the course is directly related to your role.

Employee Wellbeing


Our FlexWork@Zurich policy empowers you to work where, when and how you choose. You are encouraged to explore arrangements that best support your performance and job satisfaction whilst balancing the changing demands of professional and personal life.

Flexibility may include changes to location, work schedule or hours. Working remotely (such as from home), flexible hours, part-time hours and job-sharing arrangements are all ways we practice flexible working at Zurich.

You are also encouraged to use judgement on the best way to dress for the day you have ahead. It’s about trusting you to dress for what you’re doing and empowering you to decide what will help you perform at your best. 


We’re on a journey to champion a greater understanding of mental health and wellbeing. MindFIT involves a range of initiatives to encourage you to better manage your mental health and support your colleagues. In addition, we offer wellbeing initiatives such as free flu vaccines and skin cancer checks to encourage you to lead a healthier lifestyle. Our health and wellbeing initiatives are designed around you – to support you and help you be at your best.

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

  • PrideZ aims to build a diverse and inclusive culture that values and supports all LGBTQI+ employees to feel safe to be themselves at work. PrideZ raises awareness of important LGBTQI+ issues and provides education for all Zurich employees. The committee hosts several events and training sessions each year, which are supported by our senior leaders. All Zurich employees are encouraged to be an ally and an advocate for inclusion.
  • The Women’s Innovation Network (WIN) is a global network of Zurich employees dedicated to creating equal opportunities for women and men across all levels and regions. Together with WIN, we are working to build a more inclusive workplace – one that rewards merit and accomplishment above all else.
  • Zurich social clubs run in each of our local offices around Australia and New Zealand, providing fantastic opportunities for you to network and meet colleagues throughout the business by attending regular events. 

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Zurich’s EAP, Benestar offers free, confidential counselling services to employees and their immediate families. Benestar’s support options range from mental and physical health, to support with money, relationships, and work.

Diversity & Inclusion

Zurich strives to create a brighter future where our voices are diverse, our behaviors are inclusive, our actions drive equity, and our people feel a sense of belonging.

We take pride in the diversity of our workforce. It’s part of making Zurich an employer of choice, while helping us to drive innovation and maintain a competitive edge.

We are firmly committed to developing policies, practices and ways of working that support diversity. Examples include our FlexWork@Zurich framework, Gender Affirmation Policy and Family Care Policy.

Zurich in Australia is proud to be an Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) Certified organisation, the leading global assessment and business certification for gender equality. 

Employee benefits

We strive to ensure you are the best you can be – both inside and outside of work. Our employee benefits cover a range of financial, lifestyle, health and wellbeing programs. Examples include discounts on life insurance, travel, automotive, technology and healthcare services. We also have a fantastic employee referral program.

Our offices

Our new Auckland headquarters is a best-in-class work environment tailored to the needs of our people to ensure we can provide the best service to our customers. 

Here are just a few highlights:

  • State-of-the-art technology, which ensures we always remain connected and collaborative.

  • A new café featuring great amenities including a coffee machine and the opportunity to enjoy lunch with your colleagues. 

  • Creative design of workspaces allows the perfect settings for dynamic teamwork or focus time.

  • New boardroom facilities open-up into the café for town halls, broker and client events.

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