Fatigue Risk Management

Manage the risks associated with fatigue.

Until recently, many organisations have been unable to safely manage the level of human fatigue inherent within their operations due to a lack of assessment tools and formal risk controls (other than stopping work). However, today there are many approaches available such as fatigue-based scheduling, power nap procedures, alertness measurement devices, loss investigation tools and of course, training related to sleep and alertness management.

A Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) includes tools to help companies:

  • Determine the organisational risk tolerance level
  • Set specific fatigue tolerance levels for selected jobs or tasks
  • Use fatigue tolerance levels to identify appropriate controls/procedures for managing fatigue-related risk and ensuring safe job activity
  • Record the agreed controls/procedures for organisational use
  • Zurich Resilience Solutions has proudly assisted ‘InterDynamics’, ‘Integrated Safety Support’ and ‘Sleepfit Solutions’ to develop the following fatigue risk management tools:

HAZAID™: A hazard cataloguing and risk assessment tool used to record the Fatigue Hazard Analysis (FHA) risk assessment information gathered during workshops. It is highly visual and interactive and is used to ensure a high standard is maintained for information captured during the workshops.

GRAID FRMS™An interactive fatigue risk grading tool used to rate the adequacy of an organisation’s current and future safeguards by reviewing and prioritising 24 fatigue grading elements and risk factors.

GRAID IT: An investigation tool that can be used to rate the likelihood of fatigue contributing to an accident or incident, offering organisations a consistent and practical approach to reviewing incidents, accidents, occurrences or fatigue reports as part of their FRMS.

FAID® Quantum software: A powerful analytical tool used to estimate work-related fatigue based on hours of work. As part of an organisation’s FRMS, this software helps to identify fatigue exposures and monitor the effects of risk improvements related to hours of work.

Fatiguefit: A simple to use digital fatigue risk management assessment, expert guide and online compliance solution suite to reduce risk, enhance compliance, and provide WHS legal and regulatory assurance on FRM. Fatiguefit provides a highly cost-effective solution that readily identifies risk exposure and outlines the steps (with support tools) to achieve WHS FRM compliance.

SleepfitTM : A digital program that offers sleep awareness, education, screening and treatment at scale for organisations. The program empowers employees to control the factors in their lives that contribute to poor sleep habits and identify those at high risk of insomnia and sleep apnoea. The Sleepfit program can be tailored to specific business needs and integrated with existing EAP programs.