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Financial Lines

Mitigate and minimise your business liability risks in today’s complex regulatory world.

Zurich provides a range of insurance solutions to the New Zealand market focused on minimising the increasingly complex liability risks of today's professional world. 

Our local knowledge backed by the experience and expertise of our global organisation means we can offer market leading and tailored solutions. Our claims are managed by our own team of experts, many of them highly qualified lawyers with expertise and experience in this specialist and technical field.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance protects the directors, officers and senior managerial staff against claims arising from their actions and decisions in their official capacities. This includes damages awarded in civil courts and the potentially substantial defence costs if a director or officer faces criminal or regulatory charges.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

At Zurich we believe that all businesses regardless of their size should protect themselves against the cost of being sued for an act, error or omission when providing professional services. That's why we offer a wide range of Professional Indemnity cover for various occupations and professions that can be tailored to suit your unique needs.

Professional Indemnity

As a provider of professional services, such as management consultant, funeral directors or travel agents, you could be vulnerable to allegations of negligence or failing in your professional duties. Our insurance can give you peace of mind that your professional services are covered. Protect yourself against damages, compensation and defence costs arising from the provision of services.

Professional Indemnity for Architects and Engineers

Designed for architects, engineers, land surveyors, interior designers and other similar construction professionals.

Professional Indemnity for Technology and Communications Sectors

Tailor-made to meet the evolving demands of a wide range of Technology and Communications sector professionals. A convenient single policy combining civil liability, professional indemnity and combined general liability across broad territorial and jurisdictional limits.

Security and Privacy Insurance

Security and Privacy is a vital area of trust in today's evolving business world. Zurich’s Security and Privacy Protection Policy is a must for any company that handles data. It is designed to address both third party liability and first party loss including privacy breach costs, as well as digital asset replacement expense and business interruption cover following a security or privacy breach.


Zurich's DigitalResolve offers a 24/7 incident response solution for policy holders which harnesses the specialist resources you need to recover from a damaging cyber event.

Management Liability

A packaged offering specifically designed to cover companies and their directors or owners from potential financial exposures that may occur when running or managing a business.

Employment Practices Liability

Zurich Employment Practices Liability Insurance protects a company when they are legally liable to pay claims made by employees, contract workers, temporary workers or any applicant for employment. This includes unfair dismissal, sexual harassment and discrimination.

Public Offering of Securities Insurance

Zurich's Public Offering of Securities Insurance is designed to protect companies and their directors and officers from securities claims that arise from capital raising. Also referred to as 'Prospectus Liability Insurance', our policy can be arranged to cover securities claims made against controlling shareholders, selling shareholders and underwriters.

Commercial Crime Insurance

Today all businesses are vulnerable to criminal activity such as fraud, theft and embezzlement. Zurich’s Commercial Crime Insurance is designed to meet the needs of organisations in these challenging times. It provides broad coverage to ensure protection and peace of mind against a wide range of criminal activities.

Insurance solutions for Financial Institutions

Zurich offers a range of Insurance Policies designed especially for the unique risks faced by financial institutions. 

Directors and Officers Insurance 

Designed to protect directors and officers, as well as senior managerial staff, against claims arising from their actions and decisions in their official capacities. This includes damages awarded in civil courts and the potentially substantial defence costs if a director or officer faces criminal or regulatory charges.

Fraud and Professional Liability 

Globalisation and developments in technology are exposing businesses to commercial crime more than ever before. Zurich’s Fraud and Professional Liability Insurance is tailored to meet the needs of a wide range of financial institutions covering risk such as identity theft and mitigation costs, as well as the ability to benefit from Zurich's Global international program.

Asset Investment Managers

The ever-increasing regulatory environment and the pressure to perform for clients creates enormous demands for investment managers. Our Asset Investment Managers Insurance has been developed to meet these complex requirements with broad cover, an expanded risk appetite and competitive pricing. It's designed for fund managers, venture capital fund managers, asset allocation consultants and research houses. 

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