Risk Features

At Zurich we strive to deliver insurance premiums that reflect your unique level of risk.

The Risk Grading of a business by Zurich's Risk Engineers is a critical part of Zurich's underwriting, risk selection and pricing process for various classes of insurance. Risk Features is designed to help you better understand this process and reduce your business risks. You can use Risk Features:

  • before a Zurich assessment to understand the risk factors we will evaluate.
  • during a Zurich assessment to work with us to evaluate the risk factors
  • after a Zurich assessment to understand the grading results and risk improvement advice in the formal report we issue


Road crashes are the largest cause of work-related death across many regions of the world, and yet are one of the least well-managed areas of Occupational Health & Safety. In addition, most companies rely upon significant investment in transport assets to contribute to bottom-line profit. Without their fleet, most companies would not be able to operate.

Businesses invest significantly in physical assets and the protection of these assets is crucial to business success and protection of the lives of people involved. These physical assets are exposed to the threat of damage, either by fire, malicious damage, storm, flood or theft. Insurance can provide part of the solution but there are often significant uninsured losses (such as excesses/deductibles, investigation, expenses, disposal costs and hiring costs), as well as the impact these losses have upon profits, shareholder confidence, customer relationships, bad publicity and goodwill. Sound risk assessment will help highlight potential problems before they occur, allowing business to eliminate, reduce, or control the risks.

Fire remains one of the largest threats to a business and the business interruption following a serious loss can often result in even greater financial loss than the value of the actual property damaged. About 80 percent of businesses that suffer a major fire never recover. Zurich can provide insight into the risk factors our Risk Engineers assess when completing a Fire Risk Grading and assessment of your business. In addition, we provide you some practical 'Risk Improvement Ideas' to reduce these risks and to prevent, detect, extinguish and control fire hazards.

Insight into the various factors our Risk Engineers consider when assessing Natural Hazards exposures faced at your location(s). In addition, we provide you some practical 'Risk Improvement Ideas' to reduce these risks and to respond appropriately when these emergencies arise.