Approved repairer network

Zurich’s approved repairer network – getting motor insurance customers back on the road quickly!

Zurich Motor Insurance customers need guidance in the event of an accident. Many don’t have their own preferred repairer and will often ask for a suggestion. That’s why Zurich has put together a network of repairers to help Motor Insurance customers and get them back on the road quickly.

This is a network of trusted repairers. They have all been through a robust due diligence process and signed a service level agreement, ensuring they provide high quality repair work and service at all times. All new repairers to the network must meet the same requirements.

Key benefits

Some of the key benefits of the approved repairer network available to Motor Insurance customers include:

  • Flexibility: customers have the option to choose a Zurich trusted repairer or their own preferred supplier
  • Trustworthy: services are conducted in an honest, efficient, fair and transparent manner
  • Efficiency: repairs are carried out promptly. If there is a necessary delay to the process, the repairer will advise the owner of all the relevant details
  • High quality: as a courtesy, the repairer will ensure the vehicle is cleaned inside and out before it is returned to the owner.

Download the approved repairer network list



How to apply

We sell Zurich Insurance through independent insurance brokers so you can be sure it's the right cover for your needs.

You can find a broker with the free IBANZ service.